HSB-2M / HSB-2M/6

For up to 110mm neck, hot-fillable / pasteurizable PET jar molding.

Nissei ASB have used their vast experience in heat-set molding technology to develop a series of machines dedicated to the production of PET jars that can be hot filled at temperatures of up to 95℃* or pass through standard pasteurization processes. The HSB-*M models make it feasible to replace glass containers for products such as sauces, jams, marmalade and pickles with light weight PET containers.

* Depending on the container design and spec.
HSB-2M / HSB-2M/6


  • Molding of hot-fillable / pasteurizable PET jars with necks

    up to 110mm (HSB-2M) / 86mm (HSB-2M/6)

  • Double-Blow Heat-Setting Process
  • Light Weight Containers


Jams, marmalade, pickles, ketchup, sauces





Typical Containers

HSB-2M / HSB-2M/6

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PET Heat-Set Molding for Hot-Fill & Pasteurization