ASB’s global network.

ASB is a truly international company with factories in 2 countries,
subsidiaries and branches in 16 and a global network of sales and service representatives able to provide sales and technical support to virtually any country in the world.
And with our international staff originating from over 33 different countries,
we have a unique understanding of the global and local needs of our customers.
Not only can we offer machines and molds, but the entire molding system including dryers, compressors,
chillers and all other necessary utility systems through to conveyor systems for finished product can be supplied.
We can deliver on a global basis or can supply locally manufactured equipment for ease of service and maintenance. The choice is yours.



We provide the total package from consultations regarding container design and planning,
to test molding.

Our richly-experienced designers work to bring your vision to reality.
If you do not already have a container design, let us work together using design proposals from our designers.
Please feel free to contact to us.

Technical Support


We are ready to serve you at any time in any place around the world.

When you buy a Nissei ASB machine or mold system, you are not just becoming a customer - you are becoming one of our family.
As would be expected, we do our utmost to provide each and every one of our “family” with a complete molding package to satisfy their needs from design concept right through to successful start-up in your factory.
On the way, we will provide you with technical assistance and training by our dedicated international customer training school either at our factory, or if you prefer, on-site in your own factory.
And it doesn’t stop there - our global after sales network is in place to provide you with support at any time with spare parts and highly trained local engineers to keep you running at high efficiency.



ASB’s Training School for new and existing customers,
from basic to advanced.

Our International Training School not only holds courses in ASB’s factory,
but can also provide on-site training working with your people on your machines.
Training can be provided in a variety of languages including, English, Japanese and Chinese, or we can even arrange localized training with one of our subsidiaries.
Please contact us for a detailed schedule and let us know what we can do for you.

Parts Service


Quick parts delivery through global network according to your needs.

Regular maintenance and understanding of your spare parts status are vitally important for consistent and stable production.
To keep your machinery and molds at optimum performance, you need to ensure the use of original spare parts.
ASB can supply guaranteed and quick parts delivery from our plentiful stock through our worldwide network.
Please contact your nearest ASB office for details.