CM-2000M / CM-6000M

Preform neck crystallizer for heat resistant bottles and jars.

This machine can operate stand-alone or be integrated into a complete molding line. It is used to prevent neck deformation during hot filling and capping in hot fill or pasteurizable products. When mated with our HSB-2M or HSB-2M/6 hot-fillable jar molding machines, the CM models provide neck crystallization of the preform for jars up to to 110mm* neck diameter (HSB-2M) or 86mm* neck diameter (HSB-2M/6).

(* - based on maximum capacity of HSB molding machine)

CM-2000M / CM-6000M


  • Crystallization of preform neck up to 113mm (CM-2000M) /

    77mm (CM-6000M)

  • Hot fillable / pasteurizable jar production line when

    combined with PM-170/111M and HSB-2M / HSB-2M/6

  • Production rate of up to 2,000 preforms per hour (113mm

    neck diameter CM-2000M) / up to 6,000 preforms per hour

    (77mm neck diameter CM-6000M)


Heat resistant necks for jars for hot fill and pasteurization.




Preforms for jars

Typical Containers

CM-2000M / CM-6000M

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